Straight Staircase Models


Northern Staircase offers two Series of Staircase Models in both Architectural & Construction Grade quality.

Straight Box Staircase Models

Architectural & Construction Grade

AG SB-1509 & AG SB-1609 Straight Staircase
AG SB-1510 & AG SB-1610 Straight Staircase
15 Box & 16 Box Models

AG LB-1509 & AG LB-1609 Straight Staircase
AG LB-1510 & AG LB-1610 Straight Staircase
15 Box & 16 Box Models

CG-OS15/16/17 Straight Staircase

CG-BS15/16/17 Straight Staircase

Straight Staircase Models – Architectural & Construction Grade

For over 30 years Northern Staircase has been an industry leader, designer and manufacturer of high quality custom curved staircases.  From start to finish of your stair project, we work closely with you, your architect and builder to ensure the product we deliver meets your vision and satisfaction. From concept and design to manufacture, delivery and installation, we make the process easy and stress free.

Our Straight Staircase Architectural & Construction Grade Series are offered both in architectural and construction grade so you have more options for customization, quality of the materials used and price range to better work within your budget. For more information on our curved staircase models call Nothern Staircase Company at 248.338.7846 for details, available options,  and pricing.

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