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Oakhurst Golf & Country Club gets 4 New Custom Curved Staircases!

We completed this fabulous custom curved staircase installation at Oakhurst Golf & Country Club. Watch as our expert staircase installation crew sets up this complex yet beautiful staircase configuration! A total of four curved staircases in this multi-level stair configuration. The outcome is spectacular and the four staircases become the featured centerpiece and focal attraction in the main entrance of this exclusive club!

Northern Staircase Metal Spiral Stair Kits – Easy DIY Assembly & Installation!

See how easy it is to install one of our beautiful spiral staircase kits. We offer many models to choose from. Two people can usually have it completely install in about 2-3 hours. We offer entry level priced spiral stair kits so everyone can afford to have a cool looking spiral staircase on their back patio deck. Call 248.338.7846 today to talk to our design experts about your next stair project.

Click here to check out our available Metal Spiral Staircase Kit Models.

Video Showcase Northern Staircase Company - Pontiac, MI